WordPress image upload error and theme demo import error

Sometimes WordPress users may be encountered with HTTP error.   This error usually occurs when you tried to upload a large size image. From the below image you can see how the error looks like.

Adding following rule into .htaccess file will help you to fix the error.


Also, if you tried to import a large size theme ( like Transcargo ) demo, then you will get an error like the following.

The fix for this issue is same as mentioned above. Add the following rule in the .htaccess file


Explanation of the error and htaccess rule:

To prevent the abuse of CPU usage, shared hosting provider might prevent you to running multi-thread tasks. When you load an image, Imagick (Which is an image processing tool) tries to use multi-thread to be as fast as possible. Adding this rule, you tell Imagick to run only on a single thread and this prevents the previous error.

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