Docker service related errors and it’s resolution

This article mainly deals with errors that I have faced while learning about the docker container and how I resolved it.

  • Docker dead but PID file exists

After installing docker service I have started it for the first time. But when I checked the status of the daemon I got the following error.


This can be fixed by installing or updating the lib-device-manager. To install this package first enable public_ol6_latest repo.

yum-config-manager --enable public_ol6_latest

and install the lib-device-manager package by issuing the following command.

#yum install device-mapper-event-libs

Once the package installation complete. Restart docker service.

  • Lookup no such host

When trying to download an image from the public Docker repository I got the above error.


To fix this issue I have restarted the docker service by issuing the following command

#service docker restart

or you can temporarily fix this issue by adding the hostname and its corresponding IP address to the /etc/hosts file. To get the IP address of the host use dig in Linux or nslookup in windows.


  • invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase

I got this error when I am trying to build a container using Dockerfile.

Here I have used a repository name in the capital letter ( “c” in cpas ). Please make sure that in the Dockerfile you are using repository name in the small letter only

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