Germany Bluecard VISA Application Steps


Hello, in this blog post I would like to write about the complete steps to apply for a German VISA. Recently I received a job offer from Munich, Germany so this post is what all are the steps I done in order to get the German VISA. I believe if you follow these steps you will also get the VISA without much issues.


  1. Valid job offer from a German employer.
  2. The yearly income should be more than 56400 EUR (More detail is given in below steps)
  3. Valid passport


The below checklist can be used as a reference while creating copies of your documents.

EU Bluecard Checklist

Printout a copy of the above checklist and give tick mark when you arrange each documents. As mentioned in the checklist you need 2 copies of each of them.

Application form and checklist.

This is the VISA application form, please make sure that the detail you entering in this form is collected from your other important documents like passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate and job contract. Few question and its answer given for your reference. Please note that the date should be the VFS appointment date.

Click here to download the Application form

Aus welchen Mitteln wird der Lebensunterhalt bestritten?
What are your means of support?
Art des Reisedokuments (genaue Bezeichnung)
Type of travel document (exact designation)
Ordinary passport
Erlernter und (sofern abweichend) ausgeübter Beruf
Trade or profession for which you trained and (if
different) your current trade or profession

Declaration for additional contact and legal representation information.

In this form you can ignore the “Barcode” column and fill the remaining fields. In the last there is a section “Information about representation” in that I added my name and address itself. And finally add the VFS appointment date and your signature.

Copy of your passport’s data page

Scan first and last page of the passport and merge it as a single PDF file. If you have data in other pages of the passport then make a cope of these pages as well.

Annexure for employment visa

Download the form and fill it online with the help of Microsoft word and print out 2 copies of it. If you don’t have a residential address in Germany, please use company address.

Employment contract with a company in Germany

You might have received a hardcopy of the employment contract, this you can carry to VFS for verification but you need make 2 copies of this. Don’t forget to add the date and sign in the contract.

CV and job description

I created a resume with 2 pages in that I added my degree and subject which I studied. Also, I have added very minimal details about the companies which I worked.

Proof of qualification and experience certificates for future employment in Germany

I print out 2 copies of the relieving letters from all the company which I worked. But the VFS team didn’t ask it.

Declaration regarding a contract of employment

This document you have to get it from the employer by sending a mail or message. Once you received it from the employer please make sure that the details are correct according to your job contract.

Proof of recognition of your academic qualification

You need to make 2 documents here.

  1. Anabin certificate for your degree.
  2. Anabin certificate for your University.

To get Anabin certificate for your degree, open the Anabin site and click college degree from left side panel -> Search for degree -> Open country selection -> Select the country -> Confirm country selection -> Select Batchelor (4 years) from the drop down.

Select the “+” sign near to your degree, a pop up window will appear, click the download button to download the certificate.

To download the Anabin certificate for your university, access the Anabin website again, click Institutions from the left side panel -> click seek tab -> Open country selection -> select India -> Select your university location.

Click the “+” sign near to your University, a pop up window will open, click print button to print or save the document.

3 passport pictures.

Click the link to get passport photo size details, make sure you are keeping 3 copies of it.

Certificate about compulsory health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in Germany. I opted public health insurance through the Feather website. The Feather has tie up with two insurance providers.

  1. TK (Techniker Krankenkasse)
  2. Barmer

I opted TK public health insurance. Once you registered with them it may take 3 to 5 working days to get the confirmation of coverage document. Download this document and make 2 copies. Also, please note that Feather will gives you FREE travel insurance which is required at the time of travel.

Now we have completed all requirements which is mentioned in the Bluecard checklist. But there is one more important document is required which is your University Degree certificate. You need to submit original copy to the VFS center and get back only along with your passport and make 2 copies of your degree certificate.

Book an appointment at the VFS center

I booked at the VFS Banglore center using their website. Please make a copy of your appointment letter as well. Also one important thing to notice is that I haven’t selected any of their paid or premium service. It is not at all required and no use as well.

What to do at the VFS center?

Reach the VFS center at least 30 minute as there will be a checkup, you need to show your appointment letter as well the passport. They will direct you further to which floor and desk you have to go. From the VFS center you will get a form to complete, this form is for any value added service, I didn’t opt any of them. The security gives the form and token, then you have to wait for your token number at the Germany counter (There are multiple counters).

When they call my token number I went to the counter and they asked the document copies. They asked original degree certificate and passport. The agent gives a bill of near 6800 rupees and asked pay to the bill. Once I paid the bill they collected the 2 copy of all documents. The process took nearly 10 minutes and they give another booth number for biometric.

In the Biometric booth, they scanned my left and right finger prints and the photo which I carried. The first booth agent will give a file with all your document that you need to submit in the Biometric booth. Thats all!! you done with the VISA process.

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