Github Integration with Jenkins Server.

In this article, I will demonstrate how to install Git and integrate it with the Jenkins server. Here I am using the AWS EC2 machine (Amazon Linux operating system) pre-installed with the Jenkins server.

For the installation Jenkins server, please refer to my previous post.

Jenkins installation

Git installation:

To install Git on the machine execute the below command.

yum install -y git

To confirm the installation execute git version command.

$ git --version

git version 2.32.0

Git installation has been completed now we have to enable the Jenkins plugin for Github.

Github plugin installation

Login to your Jenkins server and click on “Manage Jenkins” -> “Manage plugin” present on the left side panel.

Click on “Available” to list all available plugin. On search box enter Github and hit enter.


Select the Github plugin and hit “Install without restart button”. Then you can see a lot of depended plugins are started installing.

Once the installation is done, go back to the Jenkins home page and click on “Manage Jenkins”. On the next page click on “Global Tool Configuration” to configure Github. There you can see an option to add Git, and by default “Path to Git executable” is already set. Click the Save button to save it.

Integration of the Github plugin for Jenkins has completed.


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