How to create an mobile app without writing code

In this article, I will explain how we can create an android mobile application without coding. Please note that here I will convert my existing WordPress blog to a mobile application. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry it is easy to start one. I have already written about this in my another post. Please click on below link to read more.

How to start a website without writing code.

A lot of online tools are available to create an android app. Here I am using tool to create our Android app it is free and very easy to use. For this, you need to sign up with site. Below is the sign-up link.

Appsgeyser sign-up link 

You can sign-up with your google account or facebook. Once you logged in to the site you can see an interface like below.


Click on the create now button to create our new Android application. On next page select the template that you wish to set for your app. As I mentioned earlier  I am converting my existing WordPress blog to an Android app, so I choose “Blog” template,

In the next screen, you can see a short description of the template. Click “Next” button to go to next page. Here select blog type as WordPress and give a blog title.  Please make sure that you have added correct URL of your blog in the “Enter blog url” field and click next.  Here you can add more links, for this click on “Add more links”. If you wish to add push notification tick on “Enable Push Notification”.  Next page, add a name for your app. I have given app name as “techies” and added a short description. Go to next page, here you can add an icon for your app.

I choose the Custom icon to add an icon for my app. Click upload button to add a new image, the tool provides an option to crop.


To save the icon that you choose, click on submit button.

Now we have added all the details that required for our app, click create the button to build the app.

To preview the created app go to Dashboard and click the image of mobile.


Now we have created our first android application. To install this on our mobile phone we need the apk ( android application file format )  of this application. To get the apk click on “rebuild and download” link, it present on the right side of the website. It will pop up a box with download option. Once you click on download button a new site will open with installation instruction.


From the above image, you can see my app is downloading. Copy this apk to your android phone and install it with Package installer.



The above screenshot is from my techies android application. Now we have created an app without writing code:). You can create an updated version of this app from Appsgeyser.  Also, you can add multiple tabs and other features to your app. For this please refer their tutorial.

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