How to start a website without writing code

Starting a website is the best way to showcase your ideas, passion, and interest. If you wish to share your knowledge and interest with others then start a blog, It also helps you to promote your brand or business.  In this article, I will explain to you how to start a blog (website)  without writing code.

To start a blog we need the following 3 things

  • The domain name ( website name)
  • Hosting space (Where we place our website content)
  • Content Management System ( Template for website )

  1. Domain name

The domain name or website name, we can buy a name for our website, it is called domain name. For example, my website domain name is How to buy a domain name? it is simple,  Godaddy and Bigrock are the famous domain sellers in India. By starting an account on their site will help you to get a domain name. Please note that you have to pay an amount for your site name and it depends upon the name that you choose. All such details are available on their site.

For this article, I will use a test domain name, which is “”.  Once you complete the payment with domain seller you will get a site name under your ownership.

2. Hosting

Now we have a website name next, we need a place to keep our website content. This place is called hosting. We will keep our website content on a server. For this, we can contact any hosting company or you can a setup server yourself. Amazon is providing its cloud for free for one year.  You can set up your hosting on AWS (Amazon Web Service). Create an account with AWS, please follow below link to create an account on AWS cloud.

And to start a server on AWS cloud click here

3. Content Management System

Once we set up our hosting environment on the AWS cloud,  we can use WordPress CSM for our website. WordPress is free and it’s very easy to use. WordPress provides an admin interface from where we can customize our website. A lot of free themes and plugin are available on the internet, with the help of these themes you can make a more attractive blog.

The following link will help you to install WordPress CMS on AWS cloud

To familiarise with WordPress please follow below link

Now we build our website on the AWS cloud. I hope you remember first we bought a name, now we have to point that domain name to our AWS cloud server IP address. So if one person will type our site name ( in the browser it will resolve to the AWS server and it starts serving the content present on our server. Here I have bought the domain from Godaddy, so log in to your GoDaddy account and select my product page, from this page select the DNS button near to your domain. In the new page click on the add button to add a new DNS record. Select record type size A record. Then fill boxes with the following details.

Type:  A


Points to: Your AWS server public IP address

TTL: 1/2Hours

Once the DNS propagation completed, then your site will start shows the content.

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