Installing Docker for Windows 10 Enterprise edition

This article helps you to install docker on the window 10 enterprise edition. So first check which Windows edition you are using, for this right-click on “This PC” and select properties. Refer below screenshot.



To download the docker for windows navigate to site and click on “Get Started” on top right. On the next page, you can see 3 buttons to download the package for different OS.

Once you click on Download for Windows button, it navigates to the next page and asks you to log in. I recommend you create an account because it helps you to access the docker hub. Docker hub is a repository for Docker images and it contains a lot of official images and you can upload your images.

After logging in click on the blue “Get Docker” button and you can see download has started. Click on the executable file and you can see a window like below.

Here we will use Linux containers so we do not tick on the second box. Click ok to start the installation.

Once the installation is completed it will ask you to logout and login.

After logged in, you can see a windows desktop icon for Docker is created. Double click on it, then below pop up window will open. Click “Ok” to proceed with the restart

After windows restart you can see a new pop up window saying “Docker Desktop is now up and running!”.

Login with your Docker hub username and password. To confirm docker service is started to click on windows taskbar right side Show hidden icons. There you can see a docker icon. Right-click on that icon helps you to get more information.

Now open windows command prompt to work with docker. Enter below command to display Docker version

docker version 

Download and run a docker image.

We have installed Docker service successfully on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. Now we are ready to run a container. For this, we use the “hello-world” docker image. Execute below command to run “hello-world” container. This command pulls a docker image from the docker hub and runs in the terminal.

docker run hello-world

Yes, now we have installed Docker on Windows 10 and ran a simple docker container.

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