MemSQL Studio Upgrade Steps

In this blog post, I will demonstrate the Memsql upgrade steps in the Ubuntu server.  I have already explained about Memsql installation and configuration on this site. If you want to learn more about memsql then please go through the below post.

MemSQL Installation and Configuration

Here, I will explain about the Memsql studio upgrade from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0.

I have installed the MemSQL studio on the master aggregator, so log in to the master and execute the below command.

  1. First, stop the running Memsql studio for this execute below command.
      :~$ sudo systemctl stop memsql-studio

2. Update the package list

:~$ sudo apt update
Hit:1 bionic InRelease

Get:2 bionic-updates InRelease [88.7 kB]

Get:3 bionic-backports InRelease [74.6 kB]                                                       

Get:4 bionic-security InRelease [88.7 kB]                                                             

Get:5 bionic InRelease [3226 B]                                                        

Hit:6 bionic InRelease                                                                              

Hit:7 memsql InRelease                                                             

Get:8 bionic-updates/main amd64 Packages [740 kB]

Get:9 bionic-updates/main Translation-en [266 kB]

Get:10 bionic-updates/universe amd64 Packages [1006 kB]

Get:11 bionic-updates/universe Translation-en [309 kB]

Get:12 bionic/main amd64 Packages [73.5 kB]

Get:13 bionic-security/main amd64 Packages [516 kB]                  

Get:14 bionic-security/universe amd64 Packages [607 kB]              

Fetched 3773 kB in 1s (3809 kB/s)                                                   

Reading package lists... Done

Building dependency tree       

Reading state information... Done

41 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.


3. Then update the MemSQL Studio package.

:~$ sudo apt install memsql-studio

Reading package lists... Done

Building dependency tree       

Reading state information... Done

The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:

  linux-azure-cloud-tools-5.0.0-1016 linux-azure-headers-5.0.0-1016 linux-azure-tools-5.0.0-1016

Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them.

The following packages will be upgraded:


1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 40 not upgraded.

Need to get 18.2 MB of archives.

After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.

Get:1 memsql/main amd64 memsql-studio amd64 1.9.0 [18.2 MB]

Fetched 18.2 MB in 0s (40.5 MB/s) 

(Reading database ... 124436 files and directories currently installed.)

Preparing to unpack .../memsql-studio_1.9.0_amd64.deb ...

Unpacking memsql-studio (1.9.0) over (1.8.0) ...

Setting up memsql-studio (1.9.0) ...

4. From the above output, it is clear that we have updated the Memsql studio package without any error. next, start the service and make sure the process is running. Execute below commands to complete the upgrade.

:~$ sudo systemctl start memsql-studio

:~$ sudo systemctl status memsql-studio

 memsql-studio.service - MemSQL Studio

   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/memsql-studio.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)

   Active: active (running) since Tue 2019-09-24 04:17:42 UTC; 7s ago


 Main PID: 112641 (memsql-studio)

    Tasks: 21 (limit: 19660)

   CGroup: /system.slice/memsql-studio.service

           └─112641 /usr/bin/memsql-studio

To confirm login to the Memsql studio and click on “About” left side panel “Question mark”. It displays an installed studio version.



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